Wow its nearly been a month.  

Posted by Crystal Bradford

Hey guys, not like it really matters right now. But its been a month since I last posted something on here. I've actually been busy out and about doing family things and working on my summer assignment. As of right now I have about 32 more pictures done than I had when I first started up this little blog. That now makes the count 32/800. Anyways, I've been thinking of ways that would be possible for me to do while in school to make a bit of side cash. Some options that I have come up with are:

  • Stuffed Animal Conversion to backpacks
  • Sell prints of various works that I produce throughout the school year
  • Start up a various craft business with charms, plushies, hats, and other things
  • RAVER GEAR (or all of the above minus the prints)
Either way, I need money I kind of like stimulating the economy on things that I may or may not need. I have a feeling that this blog will end up being my main-page for my wares when I do decide to start up my venture. Or I'll just start up another blog for that xD

anyways... Pez out!! :3


Posted by Crystal Bradford

Today marks the first day of me actually starting my summer assignment. Uploads soon to come, I figure I will put the pages up in increments of four or more. :3 I hope someone out there who stumbles upon this small blog will come to appreciate them in some way or another.
Also on a side note. Once I get somewhere near halfway done with the summer assignment I will begin work on a new blog layout so that it will be more attractive and original... and not someone's work other than me. First thing that is required of me to do for this summer assignment is to do 3 pre-instruction pieces then do all of the exercises in the book. Once I upload the first of the pictures I will put out a list crossing off my progress thus far. It'll be a long list so we will see how it goes :3

Working on a new Layout  

Posted by Crystal Bradford

New layout in progress. Something original. Complicated yes, >< I expect to have it done by the end of summer. xD I haven't attempted coding in years. So for now I will be working on my arts and craft stuffs. I'm going to start a line of Pokeball charms and hopefully find an effective way to produce them quickly and relatively flawlessly. Then I'll be working on figures, and cute little various charms that will be for sale either on ETSY or on Deviantart... possibly both. :3