Opinions on Modding.  

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What are peoples opinions on modding video game consoles? I myself are in favor of modding, simply because of the money that can be saved for those on a very tight budget, like those of us who are starving students. I'm going to throw together a list of pros and cons for modding.


  1. Free games
  2. Save money
  3. Save money on memberships (X-box 360)
  4. Private servers for online play.
  1. No official game servers
  2. If you try to go online, potential of getting banned and/or bricked console
  3. If you don't do it right, you pretty much bricked your own console
I don't really see any problems with modding, seems like a fair compromise no official game servers from the developers, and in turn you get free games. Just remember kids, know what your doing so you don't mess up your console. Otherwise you are left with a $200 paper weight or stash box.

Hey gais.  

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Ive decided I will maintain two blogs. I'm not sure if I've already said that here or not. Its been too long.
Anyways, this blog will remain my whimsy blog easily accessible to me at any time of day being connected to my phone and such. Hopefully I will be able to use this as a cosplay/art blog.
Once I finish my BIO homework I'll upload it here and soon all of you who read this blog will be able to read how to accurately draw a specimen in comic book form i guess.